Analitikos įrankis

All staff documents - leave requests, managers’ orders, etc. - will no longer need to be printed!

On the ROBO platform you will find ready-made, most commonly used personnel administration templates, which you can fill in and sign electronically. Not only that, you will not only see the history of these documents on the account of the related employee, but you will also have an electronic archive of them. All employees involved in completing and signing personnel documents will be informed in the chosen way - by system notification or e-mail.

You can also use the ROBO platform to store all other company documents and send them to employees for getting acquainted and signing - internal company rules, confidentiality agreements, occupational safety and fire instructions and others.

You can easily create a report showing which employees' electronic signatures are missing and, if necessary, send additional reminders or print the list to show the controlling authorities.